Hi Ty and Stephen, saw Ty’s post on LinkedIn about this substack.

I’m 20 something, working for big corporation. The quote from Upton Sinclair strikes home. Questioning my life choices to the point I’m paralyzed and stressed. So I really feel this quote.

I’m thankful I came across your post and read the questions you have been asking. Knowing that we are many all over the world to question makes me feel less anxious. So thank you for putting into words your questions, doubts and thoughts. I’ve just discovered it so I couldn’t read all but hope you will keep posting. You are helping me a lot. Thanks

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You are right — we are many all over the world. All of us looking at the questions and exploring answers. I’m so grateful to read your words, and to think that we have helped you, just as your words have helped us. Stick around and keep letting us know where your questions lead you.

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